Use the Forge to improve weapons you already own. The Forge map has multiple paths to Upgrade Towers. Use Forge Elements to reach Upgrade Towers and unlock weapon upgrades.

Upgrade Towers
  • There are three types of Upgrade Towers: Damage/Heal Increase, Mana cost reduction, and Cooldown reduction.
  • Unlock all available Upgrade Towers in the forge. Not only will you have a more powerful weapon, but it will appear molten forged in-game.
Forge Elements
  • There are four Forge Elements: Magesteel, Dragon Scales, Moonstone, and Titan tears.
  • Collect Forge Elements from matches, request from friends, or buy them in the shop.
  • Forging Elements to proceed along the path will take time. Ingots will finish the forge process instantly and are available in the shop.