The Celestial Wyrm



The novastar can harness the stellar fire that burns in their hearts, creating orbs of starfire they guide to their targets with cosmic power.

Nov's sf2 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage/star 25 35 45
Lifetime(s) 3 3 3
Cooldown(s) 2 2 2
Mana Cost/4 stars 75 85 95

Focusing the power of the stars inward, the Novastar can unleash then a devastating stellar explosion, engulfing nearby enemies in fiery death.

Nov's sn Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Nova Damage 750 1000 1250
Nova Range 100 100 100
Mana Cost 0 0 0
Cooldown(s) 90 80 70


  • Don't be afraid to fall back - starfire targets enemies behind you, discouraging chasers.
  • Save your supernova to the right fight - You are immobile while casting supernova; your targets will flee if you give them enough time.
  • You can take out turrets - Use starfire magical to devastate turrets while easily dodging their fire.
  • Pair Novastar with Voidstar - Cosmic power and the ability to blip home in a hurry can make a smart dragonrider unstoppable!


Born in the fiery hearts of stars, the Novastar brood travels the black on search of a true test of the power that courses through their star-forged veins.

It is said that when the first man looked to the stars, they saw the great powers of the cosmos in them. The largest of them was called The Northern Serpent by the barbarians of far shore. If you look to the skies now, you will find it is not there; the serpent no longer coils over the world. Legends say the Northern Serpent was the first of the Novastar, born not of a single star, but from the void of the cosmos itself.

Now, the Novastar are feared by the most and reveres by some for their bellicose nature. They respect only power and resilient strength, burning anything they perceive as weaker than them in waves of stellar fire.