Breath of Blood

The Twinscale breathes a spray of alchemically enhanced Dragon’s Blood that heals the Rider’s allies, but burns his foes.

Slowly drains Health from enemies and regenerates allies.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage / tick 13 17 21
Healing / tick 25 30 35
Mana Cost / tick 2 2 2
Cool Down (s) 0.1 0.1 0.1

Breath of Spirit

A potent pheromone spray that the Twinscale uses to replenish the mana reserves of friendly dragons and drains mana from its enemies.

Drains Mana from enemies and grants it to allies.

Level 1 Level 2

Level 3

Drain / Tick 20 24 28
Replenish / Tick 25 30 35
Mana Cost / Tick 2 2 2
Cool Down (s) 0.1




The Twinscale Brood is the creation of the wizard, Scorcious long ago. Truly cauldron borne, the Twinscale are the result of Scorcious' long pursuit of the supreme champion dragon.
Inspired by the work of the obscure beastmakers in the jungle islands of the south, Scorcious toiled for decades. Some of the results were quite amazing, his island keep was a menagerie of strange and wonderful beasts, but none seemed mighty enough to compete with the broods from which Scorcious took his stock.

The wizard was confused and frustrated, and almost ready to give up, when he was struck by an inspiration. Until then, all of his creatures had been singular, but what if he could combine the might of two dragons into one?

His new creation would bear two complete, but separate heads fused to a single body. He began with the egg of a giant flying reptile, native to the volcanic ridges of his island, and began to use magic, alchemy and the strange powers of beastcraft to form a new creature, the chimera destined to become the bizarre Twinscale brood.

Some would say that the seeds of his undoing were sown that day, as the two minds of his new dragon could never be completely brought together. Others claim that the gods each reached across the veil to touch the beast's two hearts, but at the height of the creation ritual, the dragon went mad and broke the magical wards placed around the wizard's altar.

A massive explosion of magical and alchemical energy consumed the wizard's island. Scorcious' lab was devastated, but in the rubble stood a proud new brood of dragons, never before seen in the world. Scorcious' new brood was bathed in alchemical fires at their very creation, and the magic so infused their beings that they could both heal and harm with equal power. The Twinscale's breath can draw the magical power away from another dragon or gift it, can consume life or grant it.

None on this plane have seen Scorcious since, but his creations are found wherever dragons nest. Twinscales have an affinity for their brethren born of the circumstances their creation. They sense other dragons instinctually, and will often be found living in the shadow of other broods, having formed a sort of symbiotic or sometimes parasitic relationship with them. For this reason, they are often used to find hidden broods of dragons in the world, as it seems that wherever a dragon brood is, Twinscales are near. Nursing them, or devouring them.